the Epic Mouthful

Mon Sep 1
This rain is harshing my mellow Anonymous
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Sun Aug 31

Anonymous: "Time" Among Friends

  • A: And by morning I mean noon ...
  • B: WHEW
  • A: ;)
  • A: Thanks!
  • B: I was trying to be gracious. but thank GOD.
  • A: LOL
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Sat Aug 30


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Anonymous: Half-Baked Goods

  • A: goodnight, sweet cakes!
  • B: My cakes are sweet
  • A: so are mine >:0
  • B: And your muffin? ☺️
  • B: I have a salty biscuit
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More masturbating Anonymous
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Fri Aug 29

Anonymous: That's what friends are for...

  • A: Am I uninvited?
  • B: No sir
  • C: yes, sir!!
  • C: [insert maniacal laughter here]
  • A: Haha. You hate me
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You’ll get a lot more done now in poverty Anonymous
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Anonymous: The Broke Diaries

  • A: I am delighted we have agreed to convene The Broke Kids' Club.
  • A: * optional names welcomed for consideration.
  • B: Theeeeee...Thrifty Under-Fifties?
  • B: Parsimonious Spree?
  • B: If we have gang names you can be the Stingy Minge
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As soon as something is dirty. In fact, the first line should be a close-up: ‘Whenever I’m feeling dirty, I feel like a drink.’ Anonymous
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I guess if we want you there we’ll have to subsidize your presence, this is the seat of US government after all! Anonymous
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